#008 Feel all the senses, reconnect with nature and become the best version of you with Marcel Hof

#008 Feel all the senses, reconnect with nature and become the best version of you with Marcel Hof

Marcel Hof trained for 25 years together with his brother, Wim Hof (Iceman) in nature exploring the boundaries of physical and mental possibilities. 

After almost dying under the Ice, he discovered what total surrender is, and slowly from then everything changed. Now from the insight of what he calls the formless form, he began working with this principle and seeing the life force, which is love in everyone and everybody.

In this episode, Pete and Marcel discuss his journey, where it all started and how Marcel (and his partner Anicha Vos) are transforming individuals and helping them become the best version of themselves.

  • Testing the boundaries of human performance – how cold endurance and immersion can transform life
  • The importance of living in the now to create something new
  • The connection between breath, voice and heart 
  • Connecting with nature to unlock your innate knowledge and power. 
  • Autonomy and why it’s vital to your growth and development
  • Awareness of who you really are. 

Plus so much more

Learn more about Marcel

Instagram @marcelhofmethod

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