#006 – Creating space to allow your children to expand into their own unique genius with Sabrina Ben Salmi

#006 – Creating space to allow your children to expand into their own unique genius with Sabrina Ben Salmi

Sabrina Ben Salmi is an Author and Public speaker and the mother of 5 incredible children ages 7 to 20… each of them unique, each of them living their genius. In this episode, we explore what Sabrina and the family do differently, as we try to uncover why families like hers are not more commonplace, after all, studies show we all have access to almost limitless creativity and genius as children.

Sabrina shares her personal experiences of rejection by everyone except her immediate family and bullying as a child, how she nearly died, 3 times, overcoming a speech impediment and how she coped.

We also explore what it is she believes children need from us as parents, how we can create more connectedness within our family units and develop children that are fully prepared for the world around them.

– Discover how she created the space that allowed her children to truly flourish

– How she inadvertently gave them learning opportunities that led to their growth as individuals and as a family unit.  

– What you can do to allow your child to express and develop their unique identity

– How to foster open communication within family units 

– Homeschooling – why she made the decision to home school her children 

– How they became the first homeschooled family to take master classes at Brunel University and why her son Amire was invited to become an ambassador for Brunel 

– The importance of developing a separate parental identity – how not to lose your identity as a parent or adult when your children fly the nest 

– The gift of learning… and how it should be expansive and allow us to spend time on things we love so we can maintain our zones of genius 

Learn more about Sabrina Ben Salmi:

I’m committed to changing the narrative of parenting so much so that it’ll totally transform the trajectory of lives of our precious children for generations to come

Sabrina ignites their burning desire to start living the life they’ve always dreamt of. Sabrina is passionate about the intricacies of the mind, our surrounding environment, being fully alive, dancing with the universe and paying it forward.


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