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#008 Feel all the senses, reconnect with nature and become the best version of you with Marcel Hof

Marcel Hof trained for 25 years together with his brother, Wim Hof (Iceman) in nature exploring the boundaries of physical and mental possibilities.  After almost dying under the Ice, he discovered what total surrender is, and slowly from then everything changed. Now from the...

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#007 – How vulnerability and authentic being allow us to connect more deeply and experience the alchemy of abundance

Pete is joined for this episode of Everyday Genius by the incredible Regan Hillyer – Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach and Global Speaker.  In this free-flowing episode, Pete and Regan discuss her own path, first to abundance and then to purpose… a journey which...

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#006 – Creating space to allow your children to expand into their own unique genius with Sabrina Ben Salmi

Sabrina Ben Salmi is an Author and Public speaker and the mother of 5 incredible children ages 7 to 20… each of them unique, each of them living their genius. In this episode, we explore what Sabrina and the family do differently, as we...

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#005 – Dr Mike Rucker shares the ‘science of fun’, the Rucker Play Model and why fun is as important as sleep

Dr Michael Rucker is a peer-reviewed author and sought-out speaker on the science of fun, with articles published in the academic journals International Journal of Workplace Health Management and Nutrition Research and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes,, to name a few....

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#004 – Nina Concepcion – Birthing a new breed of female entrepreneur through conscious connection, communication and sales, literally putting heart into businesses around the world

Overcoming the bad things that happen in life can often be our biggest challenge, but what lies beyond the fear and uncertainty it brings can reveal our own genius, our gift to the world and Nina Concepcion is a great example of this. Now...

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#003 – Tej Steiner – Waking Up With Everyone Around Us – how we are moving from a pyramidal masculine model 
of awakening to a circular feminine model.    

Tej Steiner is the founder of and author of ‘Waking Up – With Everyone Around Us’. In this very personal podcast interview Tej shares the ‘5 Ways of Being’ – which transcend religious beliefs and lead to more presence. – Being clear –...

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